Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page is the default page when starting the App.

If you only have a single System, you can bypass the Dashboard page in two ways:

  1. Set a Default System.
    This is done from the System page using Menu option Edit and ticking the Default System checkbox.
  2. Use a Home Screen Widget.
    Home Screen Widgets launch directly to the System that they are for.

The Dashboard page provides a scrollable list of the graphs. Graphs can be from any System or Scheme.

Add items to your dashboard from the System Page using Menu option Add to Dashboard.

The basic functions of the Dashboard page are:

  1. Scroll up and down to browse all your dashboard items.
  2. Long-press to pickup a graph to re-order it.
  3. Swipe horizontally to remove an item.
    This function is turned off by default (I found myself deleting items by mistake). You can toggle the state of this function using Menu option Toggle Swipe Delete.
  4. Delete all items using Menu option Clear.
  5. Pull out the Navigation Drawer for global navigation and options.