If you use PVOutput.org for tracking your Solar Generation or household Power Consumption then this app is for you.

This is an independant app for the PVOutput.org website giving you easy access to PVOutput.org data through home screen widgets, graphs and data lists.

If you don't have your own data on PVOutput.org, you can still try the app using a Sample System.

Checkout the simple Getting Started guide and you will be up and running in no time.

Standard (free) features:

  • Monitor all your own systems using your own API Key.
  • Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Generation and Consumption.
  • Simple Swipe Navigation:
    • Right to left to move back through Days.
    • Left to Right to move forward through days then Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
    • Up/Down for different modes such as Generation, Consumption, Extended Data, Gen v Cons.
  • Drill Navigation by click or long-press a data grid row.
  • Google Maps to show location of systems.
  • Textual Home Screen Widgets.
  • App Notifications from PVOutput.org Alerts pushed to your device.
  • The Dashboard page lets you have all your favourite graphs in a simple scrolling list.
  • Manually add your daily Generation and Consumption to PVOutput.org through the Add Output page.
  • Customise date formats, graphs, auto update frequency and other settings throught the Preferences pages.

Optional Extras (each a separate In-app Subscriptions)

All subscriptions start with a 1 week free trial and are priced at AUD $1 each except for All Extras which is the equivalent of 3 of the others. Google Play will convert prices to your own currency.

I've capped the number of subscriptions you will ever need to be 3 (the same as an All Extras). Once you have 3 active subscriptions, you will get them all.

The current optional extra's are:

  • Pro Widgets: get Graphs on your Home Screen Widgets
  • Ad Free: remove the advertising
  • Live Feeds: designed for in-home display. Fetches your live data direct from Efergy (Energyhive) every 10 seconds.
  • Build Your Own: coming soon!
  • All Extras: get them all... and any new ones in future that I might dream up!

PVOutput.org Bonuses

The PVOutput.org website and this Android app are independant developments and I receive no financial benefit from PVOutput.org. However, this app would not exist without it. A big thankyou to BB.

The PVOutput.org API offers bonus features that the app takes advantage of:

  • Extended Data: the app will retrieve and graph your extended data streams.
  • Additional Alerts: the app will receive and notify bonus feature alerts such as Output Performance, Standby Cost, High Net Power and Extended Data alerts.
  • Increased rate limits: avoid API limits with hourly API limits increased from 60 to 300.
  • Fetch data for any system: through use of the sid1 API parameter
  • Get Insolation: fetch data for any date rather then only the current date.