Revision History

The major headings are versions currently available on Google Play on the Production channel. You will receive the most recent version that is supported by your device.

v2.44 Current Production Release

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v2.38 (13 Apr 2019) old Production Release

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  • Fix 'Connection closed by peer' errors on Android 4.4.x devices due to lack of TLS 1.2 support. Current fix is to call Google Play Services and ask it to update the Provider if needed.
  • Update In-App-Billing util files to try and address some of the ANRs being reported.

v2.37 (02 March 2019) old Production Release

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  • Fixed click on Datalist header to hide the graph correctly to show full page of data.
  • Upgraded the Cloud Messaging solution used to deliver PVOutput Alerts to your device from GCM (deprecated and soon to be removed) to Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Change API calls to HTTPS to overcome Android 9 blocking HTTP traffic
  • Replaced the old Alarm Manager auto updating with new Work Manager Jobs.
  • Renamed existing "Gen v Con" Widget Mode to "Gen v Con (Net)" and added new Graph Widget Mode of 'Gen v Con (Gross)'
  • Added NSW Ausgrid TOU scheme.
  • Improved Application Log logging.
  • Target and Compile for Android 9 to overcome Work Manager build issues.
  • Add Intraday Ceiling configuration (System Edit page) to control absolute maximum of intraday power graphs
  • Add graphing of Intraday $$ for NSW/Essential/Origin. Set TOU Time Profile in System Edit Page. Email if you want your Wholesaler/Retailer supported.
  • Livefeed - Add support for Fronius inverters

v2.29 (21 Oct 2017) old Production Release

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  • Fix Intraday graphs when using Instant to show all values
  • Fix Text Widgets to launch according to Mode setting
  • NPE bug fixes

v2.28 (15 Oct 2017) old Production Release

  • New System Edit option to use Instant rather than Average power on Intraday pages
  • NPE bug fixes

v2.26 (30 Sep 2017) old Production Release

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  • Fix graph maximums when Y Axis Max is off
  • Tidy default schemes for systems with no live or no consumption data (set via System Edit)
  • Update AndroidPlot and Job Queue libraries to latest
  • NPE bug fixes

v2.23 (07 August 2017) old BETA Release

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  • Custom System Name - Improved use and extended usage to Built-in Schemes
  • Graphs - Reworked graphs to account for NET TOU metering. Rows now include Generation, Consumption, Import/Export and Import/Export $$ with relevant breakdowns by TOU and self consumption.
  • System Tariffs - Added ability to maintain TOU tariffs used to calculate Import/Export $$. Tariffs are added when changed on and can be further adjusted in the app.
  • Progress Bar Widgets - Added Year Widget
  • Auto Update - Changed to use exact alarm rather than non-exact default.
  • Fix common crash when returning back to Dashboard

v2.21 (23 Jun 2017) old Production Release

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  • Progress Bar Widget - Fix live generation not handling null values and dropping to zero.
  • Progress Bar Widget - Fix par generation not handling gaps in the data and maintaining the end of day value.
  • Graph Widget - Added shading to the "Gen v Con" and better labelled the colour pickers in the config page.
  • Edit System - Added ability to set a custom system name.ix black text on dark grey background issue seen only by Nougat (SDK 24+) users. Dropped targetSDKVersion back from API Level 25 to 23 for now.

v2.20 (08 April 2017) Old Production Release

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  • Monthly estimates from are now shown on the Daily, Weekly, Monthy and Yearly charts. Turn off in Graph preferences.
  • New home screen widget types for Pro Widget subscribers : Progress Bar's for either Generation or Consumption that show the current energy as a bar and indicators for the Daily/Monthly target as well as the Par value.

v2.19 (13 Feb 2017) Old Production Release

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  • Long awaited ** Performance Improvements ** (hopefully).... let me know how it goes!!

v2.18 (29 Jan 2017) Old Production Release

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  • Fix black text on dark grey background issue seen only by Nougat (SDK 24+) users. Dropped targetSDKVersion back from API Level 25 to 23 for now.

v2.17 (12 Jan 2017)

  • Fix error handling when a non supporter attempts to add system that is not their own
  • Fix formatting of Watts and Days in DayGroup views when Watts Formatter preference is off.
  • LiveFeed - Fix minor configuration issues
  • Update to latest Google Play Services, Android Support Library, SDK and Build Tools (API Level 25)

v2.16 (30 July 2016) Old Production Release

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  • New Graphing preference to toggle use of the Watts formatter introduced at v2.12
  • Fix LiveFeed NPE when either Source Mapping is not defined

v2.15 (05 June 2016) BETA release only

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  • Fix fetching all days when Install Date is well before first data date
  • Fix fetching intraday when no data is available for today or yesterday
  • Update to AndroidPlot v0.9.8 and fix breaking changes.
  • Add Smoothing to plot lines
  • LiveFeed - improve configuation architecture to better support multiple data sources
  • LiveFeed - support VeraLite and SolarEdge data sources
  • LiveFeed - add images representing the house, grid and solar
  • LiveFeed - improve scaling and landscape layout
  • Update to latest Google Play Services and Android Support Library

v2.14 (18th April 2016) Old Production Release

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  • Stack Trace Fix: android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException when setting the column in OnCreate
  • Stack Trace fix: java.lang.NumberFormatException on Temperature values
  • Efergy LiveFeed: add ability to configure exactly which cid:sid is consumption and generation
  • Adjust size and spacing of Graph legend widgets for my Galaxy S7e
  • Fix DayGroup graphs to correctly format Energy in the List with Watt Hours formatter

v2.13 (28th March 2016)

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  • Teams - more fine-tuning
  • Bug fixes

v2.12 (9th Feb 2016)

  • Teams - Add any team via "Search and Add". See the Search Type dropdown
  • Improve the display of watts by converting to kW, MW, GW etc.

v2.11 (6th Feb 2016)

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  • Fix data list and graphs not generating correctly for non-english users.
  • Attempt fixes of crashes being reported through bug reports. Keep reporting them please!

v2.9 (26th January 2016) Staged Rollout Halted at 50%

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  • Attempt to tidy navigation after home button is pressed on the device.
  • Fix intraday to not show future values since since a full day of insolation data is now fetched.

v2.8 (19th December 2015) BETA Channel Only

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  • Further optimise Data List generation by hard-wiring column logic for system schemes rather than using the dynamic (but slower) BYO logic.
  • Add SetVMPolicy for Debug builds to find and fix unclosed db cursors to resolve CursorWindowAllocationException errors that have been reported
  • Fix DataCache when drilling to Intraday
  • Fix language translations for System Schemes.
  • Add Splash Screen (the Google recommended way) to support maintenance of system schemes on launch when needed.
  • Fix Intraday Temperature formatting
  • Fix Intraday to use previous value when current value is zero for Totals and Temperature. This stops graphs from dropping to zero and back up again.

v2.7 (15th November 2015) Test Build

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  • Fix Insolation Energy on Intraday to not drop to zero
  • More Data List optimisations to speed them up

v2.6 (31st October 2015)

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  • Fix drilling from long-press context menu
  • Other minor bug fixes 

v2.5 (18th October 2015)

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  • Added caching of Data Lists to save having to generate them every time. This should give good performance improvement.
  • Other minor bug fixes

v2.4 (10th September 2015)

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  • Include only specific Google Play Service libraries to avoid unused permissions ("find accounts" and "use accounts") being used for by Google Play.
  • Removed GET-TASKS permission and attempt to deal with a stale Systems page in morning after home button used the previous evening.
  • Fix Live Feed to better scale the text based on screen density.
  • Added Intraday Insolation data from Defaulted to ON. Turn off in Graph Preferences.

v2.3 (28 Aug 2015) 

For Android 4.1+ Only. Download the APK

  • New Navigation Drawer. Slide it out from the left edge.
  • Minor bug fixes

v2.2 (22 Aug 2015) BETA Channel Only

  • New Live Feed feature (requires subscription) with initial support for Efergy (EnergyHive).

v2.1 (21st August 2015) BETA Channel Only

  • Added "Toggle Swipe Delete" to the Dash menu. I found it too easy to delete a dashboard item by mistake :)
  • Fixed the "About" option in the Nav Drawer.
  • Fixed OnClick for the data lists to Drill to Daily
  • Other minor fixes and changes.

v2.0 (15th August 2015) BETA Channel Only

  • New "Build Your Own" engine in place and in use for Systems. Not quite ready for subscriptions and actually building your own but getting close
  • New Dashboard feature. Add your favourite graphs to your dashboard.
  • New Navigation Drawer. Slide it out from the left edge.
  • Lots of minor changes and fixes.
  • Increased Minimum SDK to 16 (Android 4.1).

v1.129 (4th July 2014)

For Android 4.0+ Only. Download the APK

  • Fix data fetch bug when no data available for today or yesterday.
  • Update build target to 19 (KitKat)
  • Update Google Play Services libraries

v1.128 (14th June 2014)

  • Fix bug in trim graph cache causing ANR
  • Catch and handle various NPE's
  • Add a HTTP Response Cache to allow all HTTP work to be completed before starting database updates. This is an attempt to reduce number of ANR's because of database locking.

Oops, Sorry... missing a few here...


v1.102 (6th Feb 2013)

For Android 2.1 with OpenGL ES versions 2+

v1.97 (17th January 2013)

For Android 2.1 with OpenGL ES versions 1+